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3x Krazy - Sunshine In The O Текст песни

(Mike Marshall)
Just pimps and ho's and playas
No time for player haters
(Ph balanced) Just pimps and ho's and players
Just players, players
Sucker free from player haters

(Keek tha Sneek)
It be going down in the town on a Friday afternoon
I'm in that L-Co, drinking strawberry hills boones
And I'm thinking to myself, I ain't near perved
It takes henn dogg and some herb just to make me swerve
I picked up T-Funk, fat blunt in the ear lobe
It spin likes a globe, I stick it in while I'm talking on my mobe
To a freak of the week who be scheming
But she ain't knowing me and funk is down for the tag teaming
Hooked it up for later on, hung up the phone,
fired up the blunt slapped the heater on, we was on
And like always, fools to the left, player hating
So I got ho intersection waiting while that L-Co-atin
Came out swinging sideways, it was all so sweet
Then threw the peace sign up, it was G's on the streets
Out the six duece, seen orange man and eastwood
Eyes red, on the front porch smoked in the hood
Got back on the mobile, started dialing up some mo digits
Cause I knew they was bugging, I seen that purple civic
Back on the strip, fresh paint, rally's shining
Rewinding the album called -flowautomatic nine
Deciding should I go get another sack
I'm in a Co, with ten in a lark, so we riding back to back
As I start shake and bake, earth like a quake, it ain't Sunday
I ain't hitting the lake, five-oh jacking fool, that's a mistake
I'm just going to stick to the strip and drink that Carlo Rossi Rhine
In the O-A-K, where we chill and parlay in the sunshine.

(Singing- Mike Marshall)
In the sunshine, just pimps and ho's and playas

(2 X's)
Breaking ho's, flashing gold, riding around in the sunshine
Just pimp's and ho's and playas

I woke up in the morning, ready for another day
In the O-A-K, that's where we let the Gat spray
Each and everyday on the foothill strip drinking tanqueray
Smoking on a twomp sack of that bomb, I gotta stay calm
The sun is beaming like its ho bucking season
Ho's want to see me cause I'm like nike down looking breezy
But I can't stop for no ho mang
All they wanna do is hop In the lexus sitting on gold thangs
with the cocaine
White paint trimmed in gold, stopped in the liquor store so I
could a cold four-o
Now I'm audi five to next light, spaced out like midnight
My game is never lazy, when I'm off that act crazy
Tricks to the left, trick s to the right,
tricks in daisy dukes, I'm off that crazy juice uhhh
I'm on the foothill strip, bumper to bumper
Suckers pass through with they crew wish and they wonder
If the can have a town like mines
The O-A-K, where we chill and parlay in the Sunshine

(singing- Mike Marshall)
In the sunshine, Just pimps and hoes and playas

(2 X's)
Breaking ho's, flashing gold, riding around in the sunshine
Just pimp's and ho's and playas

Once again, it's just another liquor store mission,
stick-a-ho mission, never coochie kissing
Cause sacks rolled up and tucked got ya fellas stuck (off what)
That ole green rocker spliff had me tore up
I throw up, I hope I don't because today I'm just kicking back
Moet and hamps, dough in the pants, just parlay in slacks
there are major highsiders in the O,
these ho's plot my dough and many bro's want to pick my fro
really doe, a sunny day, I'm playing for keeps
no need for a rental, a bicycles cool, because my game is deep
a freak peep, and looked sweet by the lakeside
she was going to her friends to go on a bike ride
so we went , we rode, she bent my pole,
met her a minute ago now this heffer I can't control
Is it because my billboard flicks, tone got the real long crisps
Three times crazy (man I know this)
Ager I feel ya, but some others don't
I'm bippin fools off the weed smoke, selling they gats for C-notes
And then I hit the strip and parked the bike by the curb
Regal was coming to snatch me, Man I was kind of happy, word
This 24 is like one of a kind,
in the O-A-K where chill and parlay in the sunshine

(Mike Marshall)
And I do what I feel, and I do what I feel, when I do it

(2 X's)
Breaking ho's, flashing gold, riding around in the sunshine

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