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Absurd - Wartend In Einsamkeit Текст песни

When does the loneliness end?
I am awaiting death in darkness, for I'm alone
In solitude, I want my life's end

Where are you, my wife
To see my blood running out of me?
Where are you to feel my final breath?
Feel my love and hate me now
For I am just pain for you
Hate me and cover me with death

I would rather be with you
Be a father to my son
The same black blood does run in our veins

Liebe und Glaube und Hoffnung und Dunkelheit
Luzifer, oh bringe mir dein Licht!
Mich friert, ich bin einsam, sehne mich nach meinem Weib
Tod, warum ereilst du mich denn nicht?

[Translation of the German Part:]
Love and faith and hope and darkness
Lucifer, oh bring me your light!
I'm cold, I'm alone and I languish for my wife
Death, why don't you come and take me?

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