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Timbaland - Party People Текст песни

(feat. Jay-Z, Twista)
Guess who? Uh, uh-uh uh-uh
Jigga, ya heard?
Uh-uh, a-Timbaland, ya heard?
Uh, Twista, ya heard? C'mon, c'mon
Uh-uh, uh-uh, g-ge, ge-geah
Yo.. yo.. ye-yea, ye-yea
Turn this up.. yo, yo, yeah

When the war's on, the pores are drawn like pictures
The niggaz is all gone when these triggers get witcha
Nigga before long you need stitches in your longjohns
A.K., t-t-t-t, heartbeat, t-t-t-t
Eight figures you fake twitchy niggaz can't stop (that)
Jigga, Twista my nigga Timb on the hot track
How you gon' stop that? We can't be slowed
Niggaz (?), look at your clothes
When I'm in crazy mode, three-eighty blows like
Maceo, leave acey holes
That's just Jay-Z doe, crazy flow
Rhyme great, dominate your radio
C'mon, get your gun, your mask and gloves
I don't ask for love, I blast 'em up
Respect my gangsta dude, or your life's in danger dude
Doctors pushin on your chest tryin to bring you through

[Chorus: Timbaland + (Twista)]
All my party people gon' do what? (Gonna get buck)
Get some liquor in the gut (So whassup?)
(Get them lighters lit up, make them get up
with somethin the East and West gon' bump)
All my party people gon' do what? (Get crunk)
Get some liquor in the gut (So whassup?)
(Get them lighters lit up, T got some gangsta shit
that's beatin in yo' trunk)

Fuckin with Mag, nigga end up in a hospital
Sittin on the corner of the bed, sick cause of what I said to him
On a track star beef take it in the kitchen
Cookin MC's all niggaz taste like chicken
Hittin 'em high, right in the ear
Slicin on 'em muh'fucker vampire style, I'm a bloodsucker
You turnin into a mad ducker, tellin ya dog
I'm at the Rucker with a bad Puerto Rican chick
Fat as my cash and she a dick sucker, get up outcha car
You ain't goin real far, see the chainsaw?
Breakin the law, like turnin a dyke
when it come to that man that just like Mike
I don't care what you like, I'll make you run in outer space
If you go to court man, only wish you got a case
For real, I'm fuckin faced on a hill of ice
Mag hot now nigga 50 G's the price

Timbaland good for that - [beat plays, he scats]
[scatting] - I invented that
Hear the hi-hat, hear the bassline on the track
Remember ";One in a Million"; when I left ya back
Producers sayin, ";How you get your sound like that?";
I don't know playa, I'm a creative cat
Got party people dancin to dis and dat
Got party people sayin, ";This a dope-ass track!";


Timbaland hit 'em with the um, ah-um, ah-um-ahh, you gon' do what?
Stop frontin you bumpin the new cut
like a shoe ah, um ah-um ah, hit 'em in the gut
Twitchin and itchin to get up, I hit 'em up
With some skanless to vibe to and ride to
with the stanky inside you - listen to while a freak lickin you
Go on a bogus mission to, somethin you crip-walk in the kitchen to
Somethin you bump on the porch or the park
Or pump it while you displayin yo' heart when you flex on a mark
You can play it to clear your head from drama with the feds
and all the homies like down for when they in the dark
Used to rock up at the block club, players wasn't ridin slick
You can let your mind cruise for miles
They can't tell no sucker who's allowed, with a strap on the mic
I'm thinkin how can I move the crowd, move the crowd

[Chorus - repeat 2X]

.. bounce wit me, bounce wit me, bounce, ow ow ow
Ow ow ow-ow ah, shake wit me, shake wit me, shake wit me, shake..
.. bounce wit me, bounce wit me..
Shake wit me, shake wit me
Ow, one time, bounce wit me, bounce wit me
Yo, ahh

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