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50 Cent - Attraction Текст песни

I wanna take you to places and sell your thangs
Wanna be a plummer, call me your handyman
Let me …. , let me moj' you
I'm mister fix it, I work it like I'm supposed to
'Till I sweat …
Like twilight under the moonlight all night
Lemme build you, show … all under construction
I'm the new management of your lovin'
Baby, this is my house, this is my couch
… on my world, acting like we own drugs

This is Extasy, when you're next to me
Feel like I'm far gone and you are my arm
Our attraction is magnetic come think it's pathetic
To think I can walk away from it …
As soon as I get you close enough
This affection is mortal lust
This thing we got we build on trust, … is more to us

Thanks to Andrei

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