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3rd Storee - Him Or Me Текст песни

You have got me thinking
Something's going down
Cause lately here you aint been much around
You've been hanging out

Baby what's on your mind
Maybe some other guy
Girl it aint really about no mystery
Now it's really not hard to tell
It's just something that I can feel
And my honey aint being straight with me
Oh is it...

[3rd Storee]
1- Is it him or is it me
Tell me what's it gonna be
Think it's time you deal straight up
Get real, it's now girl or never

You say that I'm tripping
Play me like I'm wrong
Keep this up and I might be gone
Before we end this song

Baby what's up with you
Was you thinking that I'm your fool
Girl we gotta clear up this mystery
If you're gonna be down with me
Then you gotta be в?round just me
Aint about to just let you dis on me
Oh is it...

Repeat 1 (2x)

Now it's now or never, I'm much too clever
Taking trips around the world it don't matter, whatever
The price may be, it's either him or me
It dress fresh at the toe in my latest Tommy
Laugh with you, he don't even walk with you
Talk with you, he don't do the things I do
Are for you, you know that my love is true
And I do anything you want me to come on

Repeat 1

What he got that I don't have
Do he do his thing do he ever make you laugh
Do he ever make you smile make you feel proud
Make you wanna put yo hands up scream loud
Why you wanna keep a brotha like D waiting, anticipating
While he out on the street mad playa hatin'
He steady stating, that you and him will be together
I guarantee you go with him you'll fall like a feather

Repeat 1 till end

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