Автор текста и музыки: Mr. UpGreat © Юрий Лукин (Семиников)

Gods play with us their craft strategies
A four dimension space within
We are just means onto the way to needs
No ways out, no ways in.

Slaves have no rights to say a word against
Even to Lords without mentioning Gods
Let's dance away the troubles we have faced
While the music sound notes and chords

Oh how d'you do that how d'you do
Can you show me the way you do that
How you do that how you do
Can you show me the way move that

How d'you do that how d'you move
Can you show me the way you're moving
How you do that how you do
Can you show me the way move that

Let's dance

Now that you're here unless you should forget
To keep the do's and dont's always in mind
All what you'll have will be reached through your wet
Or by a luck of the system online

Dance every moment, sing when you feel good
While your account is being pretty on
Your avatar isn't to be reloaded
Only one chance gets one up or out gone
  • bowtie
  • smile
  • laughing
  • blush
  • smiley
  • relaxed
  • smirk
  • heart_eyes
  • kissing_heart
  • kissing_closed_eyes
  • flushed
  • relieved
  • satisfied
  • grin
  • wink
  • stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye
  • stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes
  • grinning
  • kissing
  • stuck_out_tongue
  • sleeping
  • worried
  • frowning
  • anguished
  • open_mouth
  • grimacing
  • confused
  • hushed
  • expressionless
  • unamused
  • sweat_smile
  • sweat
  • disappointed_relieved
  • weary
  • pensive
  • disappointed
  • confounded
  • fearful
  • cold_sweat
  • persevere
  • cry
  • sob
  • joy
  • astonished
  • scream
  • tired_face
  • angry
  • rage
  • triumph
  • sleepy
  • yum
  • mask
  • sunglasses
  • dizzy_face
  • imp
  • smiling_imp
  • neutral_face
  • no_mouth
  • innocent
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