Light Skin, Dark Skin, My Asian Persuasion,
I Got them all that's why these girls out here hatin
Cause I'm sexy

Do you like my style
Like I rock it down
You can work me out
Let me show you how

So here's my demonstration
A peep show
Tonight my body's and exhibition baby
Though it's on display don't be scared to
Touch It It said so
So come and get it babe

Strum me like a guitar blow out my amplifier
When you hear some feedback keep going take it higher
Crank it up give it to me come on

Before we go any more further
Let me put you up on this secret babe
I got novelties so appeasing
Feed my fetish please
Satisfy me babe

You like it how I work my spine
Got you feeling all hypnotized (hypnotized)
I gotta body like a CL5
Make a **** wanna test drive but I'm so on fire
Flyer than a pelican find another chick better
than I don't see her
Cause my swag is serious
Something heavy like a first day period
  • bowtie
  • smile
  • laughing
  • blush
  • smiley
  • relaxed
  • smirk
  • heart_eyes
  • kissing_heart
  • kissing_closed_eyes
  • flushed
  • relieved
  • satisfied
  • grin
  • wink
  • stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye
  • stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes
  • grinning
  • kissing
  • stuck_out_tongue
  • sleeping
  • worried
  • frowning
  • anguished
  • open_mouth
  • grimacing
  • confused
  • hushed
  • expressionless
  • unamused
  • sweat_smile
  • sweat
  • disappointed_relieved
  • weary
  • pensive
  • disappointed
  • confounded
  • fearful
  • cold_sweat
  • persevere
  • cry
  • sob
  • joy
  • astonished
  • scream
  • tired_face
  • angry
  • rage
  • triumph
  • sleepy
  • yum
  • mask
  • sunglasses
  • dizzy_face
  • imp
  • smiling_imp
  • neutral_face
  • no_mouth
  • innocent
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