You want me to stay forever
You want me to say I'll never break your heart
I wish I could, I wish I could
You say since we've been together
You're happier than you've ever been before
You've never been so sure
I wish I could give everything that you need
Your hearts desire
But something is keeping me waiting to see
Before I jump into the fire

Ask me to hold you
Ask me to touch you
Ask me to tell you
You're the only one that I dream of
Just don't talk about love
Tell me you want me
Tell me you need me
Tell me you're crazy bout me
But before you say too much
Just don't talk about love

If you knew the things I've been through
If you knew the things I did to simply survive
You'd understand, you'd understand
It's not that I don't care baby
It's just that I need to take it one day at a time
If that's alright, alright
If I seem afraid to give my heart away, you gotta know why
If my heart should break I don't think I could take
The sadness one more time


If I seem afraid to give my heart away, you gotta know why
Cause if I should fall again and you don't catch me then
I think I would die

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  • grinning
  • kissing
  • stuck_out_tongue
  • sleeping
  • worried
  • frowning
  • anguished
  • open_mouth
  • grimacing
  • confused
  • hushed
  • expressionless
  • unamused
  • sweat_smile
  • sweat
  • disappointed_relieved
  • weary
  • pensive
  • disappointed
  • confounded
  • fearful
  • cold_sweat
  • persevere
  • cry
  • sob
  • joy
  • astonished
  • scream
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  • rage
  • triumph
  • sleepy
  • yum
  • mask
  • sunglasses
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  • no_mouth
  • innocent
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